Bremen Public Library

Selective demo, interior renovation, and two-story addition.
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PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Project consists of selective demolition and interior
renovation of the existing two-story library; a two-story addition; and site and parking
improvements. The renovation affects approximately 13,000 square feet of the existing
approximately 14,700 total square feet and includes replacement of flooring, ceilings, and
cabinetry throughout; interior metal stud and gypsum board partition walls; and remodeling of
restrooms. The addition is approximately 3,600 square feet total and includes concrete
foundations and walls; precast concrete floor system; wood framed walls and wood roof trusses;
metal stud and gypsum board partitions; and interior finishes. Site and parking improvements
include demolition of an existing residential structure; demolition of existing pavement; concrete
and asphalt; and landscape. And other Work indicated in the Contract Documents. Work will be
under a single prime contract.
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